Thursday, March 08, 2012

Advertising With Custom Notebooks

Author: Matthew Grafton

If you look around your house, either your desk in the office, your junk drawer in the kitchen, or your kids’ random arts and crafts supplies, you’ll probably find at least one custom notebook with a random company’s name on it. This is why as promotional products, notepads are some of the best options out there. These products are literally everywhere, and they can do an excellent job of getting the word out about your business without you even having to try. Most people use notebooks almost everyday and it is for this reason that business owners who want to boost their business presence in their clients homes should think about using custom notebooks.

One way to use custom notebooks to promote your business is to hand them out to all your customers. This ensures that your business name will always be somewhere in your customer’s home. Even if people bury notepads, they hardly ever throw them away because they are simply too useful. Two or three years from now, you might get a call from a customer who just happened to remember your business after digging that notepad out of the desk drawer in order to write down a phone message. Plus, if these messages and lists are taken to other people like teachers at school, coworkers, friends, or family members the people with your notepads are inadvertently promoting your business.

As promotional products, notepads can also be good for non competing businesses that you can partner with. Many times doctor’s offices will use notepads from pharmaceutical companies, and you can take your notepads to businesses that complement yours, too. You could even think about exchanging notepads. How many times during the day you jot down a few notes to send home with a customer or client? Other businesses do this, too, and they can help you promote your business by using notepads with your name, phone number, and other pertinent information on them.

It is important to look at the use of promotional merchandise as an ongoing commitment to building your brand. Anyone who has advertised their business in magazines, newspapers or with TV and radio commercials will know that one hit advertising will almost certainly not be enough. It is crucial that a business owner should examine all possible options when it comes to advertising one s business. Research has shown that a person needs to see a logo at least eight times on average before they really begin to take it in.

You need to target your customers with useful, good quality promotional items so that they see your logo and hopefully use your promotional gift regularly. You then need to continue sending or handing out giveaways often to achieve maximum impact.

The right promotional items may spell accomplishment for your brand, but the wrong one can be detrimental to your business. When getting promotional items, you don t just randomly pick items from a catalog. In the same way that the most expensive merchandise may not bring you the desired results, the cheapest one might also turn out horrible.

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