Friday, January 20, 2012

Play Table Football at Home with Your Own Table

Author: Jayden Baldwin

Table football is popular amongst all ages. Whether you want to play socially, with friends over some drinks, or you want to become a serious competitor in the sport, it is the dream of many to own your own table football table. Table footballs can be purchased for use in pubs, youth clubs and leisure centres, but an increasing number of people are choosing to buy one to keep in their home.

The advantages of buying a table top football table

By owning your own table you will be able to challenge friends and family to matches, enjoying quality social time with a friendly competition. And, like other sports, the more you play table football, the better your skills are going to get. So as well as never being bored at home again, you will probably never lose a table football competition – or bet - again!

It is clear why you should buy a football table. But once you have made that decision, you will need to decide on a number of factors.

Choosing the right size of Table Football

Table football tables come in a range of sizes. This means that there is sure to be one to suit your home space, whether you intend to keep in the living room, garage or bedroom. If you are buying a table for a pub, youth club or other business you may well have more space available. Table football tables are generally around 150cm (length) by 80cm (width), although this changes dramatically depending on the style. Micro tables are much more compact (at 53cm x 92cm), and a table was designed by an artist to fit 11 players per side, at 7metres long!

The main thing to consider with the size of your table football table is not to buy too big – you will need plenty of space around it for players to move freely. Measure your space before making a purchase.

Types of Table Football

Consider how many control handles you want on each side. It is likely you'll want more than two on each side for an added challenge and the possibility of playing 2 a side.

Do you want a Perspex covered table? This is ideal if you want the added security (the ball is less likely to get lost) and safety if you think young children will be playing. Weatherproof tables can be purchased for outdoor use.These are also going to be more robust so less likely to get damaged in rough pay or through drinks spillages.

Table top football tables are ideal for storing away, but you need to have a big enough table in the first place. If you are not buying a table-top football table think about height if young children will be playing.

Consider the brand too. Bonzini, Longoni and Garlando are leading retailers in table football tables and accessories. Your choice of brand is likely to be influenced by your budget and requirements. Choose a table which is aesthetically pleasing and will match the room. They are available in a huge range of finishes so it is important to browse the different styles.

Buying a coin operated table is advisable if it is not solely for the use of friends and family. They allow you to generate a small income (perhaps to pay off the costs of the table football), and also prevent the same people spending too long on a table if others want to take a turn.